Relax, Regenerate & Reconnect with Restorative Yoga

Fridays  5pm – 6pm

This one hour session of Restorative Yoga gives you the opportunity to ‘let go‘ of the stresses of the week & Re-energise your Mind & Body.

The support of the props that Restorative Yoga offer & the focus of the breath encourages you to release deeply held tension.

I will guide you through setting up the props & into the poses that enable you feel so supported & rested that you can’t fail but to Relax.

This LIVE Class is held in Central Southsea Spaces are limited to 6  Mats  only so booking essential. But there  is also an option to attend LIVE Via Zoom or to receive a Recording of the Class..

Contact me for more information on how to reserve your space or receive a link.

Cost: To attend the ‘ in person’ class is £10 per session when booked monthly in advance.

Unable to commit  monthly?

Drop in rate is £12  where there is space available.

Zoom class there is a monthly subscription available for £35 a month which give you:

  • 4 Classes a month of Hatha Yoga or Restorative Yoga
  • Special MEMBERS discount.
  • 10% off when booking 1:1 sessions for yourself or when purchasing gift voucher
  • No extra charge for 5 week months!!
  • Recording option if you are unable to make a class
  • Unable to commit? Drop in cost is £10 per session

1:1 Bespoke Restorative Yoga treatments available in person or via Zoom

* classes & non-transferable & non-refundable*

Monthly Restorative Bliss Sunday

This two-hour session of Restorative Yoga is a great way to unwind & totally Re-programme & Relax the Nervous System.

These Monthly sessions are a maximum of 9 people, to enable me to be sure everyone is having the best experience, & distance that is required.

This is unlike any yoga you have ever experienced before! With the focus being purely on a deep letting go and relaxation of the central nervous system you get to unwind and rest fully.
During this two hours of blissful Restorative Yoga in a small group, I will teach you how to set up bolsters, with bricks & blocks so that you can rest in poses that encourage the body to open gently, with no forcing or effort, letting go of deeply held tension and old aches and pains.
I will always be guiding you & encouraging you to stay focused with the breath, to encourage you to ‘let go’ & re-connect to your body.
You will learn techniques to create an ongoing healing practice at home to support deep relaxation, better sleep, and release of aches and pains.

Held at the Hamblin Centre
Bosham House
PO18 8PJ
Cost £30

 * Classes are non-transferable & non-refundable*



 Wednesday 6.30pm – 7.45pm

Suitable for all ages & abilities.

Yoga is not just about stretching.

I like to bring all aspects of Yoga into the class, & so each week  there is a focus of an aspect of Yogic Philosophy.

We begin the class with taking some time to relax the mind & body with focus of the breath, to encourage you to leave the day behind you.

Then there will be some gentle warm ups to prepare the body before we begin the Asanas ( postures).

 At the end of the session you then get to relax the body before ending with some mantra chanting.


 I offer a monthly subcription for £35, where you will recieve

  • 4 Classes a month of either Restorative Yoga or  Hatha Yoga
  • Special MEMBERS discount.

10% off when booking 1:1 sessions for yourself or when purchasing gift vouchers

  • No extra charge for 5 week months!!
  • Recording of the class if you are unable to attend

 Unable to commit to a monthly subscription?

Costs for weekly drop in will be £10 per session when there is space available


 Hatha Yoga 1:1 sessions are also available for £40 an hour 


 * Classes are non-transferable & non-refundable*


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