1:1 Restorative Yoga

So what is Restorative Yoga and how does it work?

In Restorative Yoga we use props to set up the body in such a way that the nervous system can’t help but relax. Even the most relax-averse person can experience a state of deep mental and physical relaxation.

It doesn’t seem like you’re doing much in a Restorative practice, and that’s the point. The props do all the work  to encourage the body and mind to gently relax and let go of  tension, whilst focusing on the breath. All the physical and mental exertions of daily life melt away and deep rest follows. The props assist in helping you to hold poses longer but without any strain or discomfort.

The poses encourage the body to open with no forcing or effort involved. The props offer the support and all the while you are practicing I am watching and making adjustments to ensure maximum relaxation and release of tension.
This practice is not about finding your edge in a stretch, in fact instead of looking to activate the muscles we let go of all muscular effort in order to reach the physiological state of relaxation, finding old aches and pains dissolving. 
This is unlike any yoga you have ever experienced before and the focus and is more about bringing the body to a state that allows for renewal and rejuvenation, allowing more energy to flow to the organs and  tissues for renewal, comforting the mind and body down to a deep cellular level and bringing balance to the central nervous system. 

Restorative Yoga deepens self awareness through the mindfulness of this practise, and supports you to feel safe and nutured

The benefits are multitude but my favourites so far are:

  • Helps to gently stretch your body and improve flexibility.
  • Support to balance moods and anxiety levels.
  • Helps with sleep problems – Many of my clients say they have not slept so well in years!
  • Release of tension built up over decades.
  • Helps with chronic pain and is particularly supportive of clients with Fibromyalgia and ME.
  • Helps to develop a body mind awareness and ability to self-regulate stress.
  • A 2013 study at University of California shows that Restorative Yoga helps trim fat. This could be due to lower cortisol levels (the stress hormone linked to increased abdominal fat.)
  • Improves immune system and supports recovery from illness.

Basically, restorative yoga is simply that – restorative!

I encourage you to try it as soon as possible!

1:1 Restorative Yoga Treatment

Are you interested in learning a Restorative yoga practice tailor-made for your body and designed to soothe any imbalances, sleep disorders or stress areas individual to you? Consider scheduling a Restorative Yoga Private 1:1 session to dive deeper into a practice designed to completely support you and ignite healing. Restorative yoga poses are not about stretching the body, they are about opening to deep relaxation, healing, and rest.

The body is held in the safety of a still and quiet room with props including bolsters, blocks, and blankets. This practice enhances the body’s natural healing abilities to restore more efficiently and dissolves the residue of everyday stress.

This 1 hour session is all about you for £40, there is also a 15 minutes consultation, for no extra charge.

I also offer block booking discounts.
6 sessions for £210 ( £35 a session)

 GIFT VOUCHERS are also available for that special, unique gift.

 Contact me to find out more about 1:1 sessions or purchasing a Gift voucher

Sessions can be held in my studio in Southsea or via Zoom

Cancellation policy  24 hours notice is require or 50% of the session will be charged.



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