Yesterday, I experienced a 121 restorative yoga session with Sharon.
I had no expectations except that I had been told there would be no awkward rubberman type poses.

What a breath of fresh air. Sharon set me up in the various positions and then with the help of a weighted eye mask to heighten my senses, we focused on my breath and allowing my body to relax.

I must say the hour flew by and I felt so completely relaxed.We realised that my left shoulder is quite compromised, so I look forward to further sessions.

Sharon has a very calming voice which adds to the experience. I highly recommend. Thank you Sharon.


Thank you Sharon for a truly amazing restorative yoga session today. It was a very unique and special class that helped on all levels. I felt deeply relaxed after class and the special one on one treatments you gave were so supportive and nurturing. Highly recommend. Can’t wait for the next one!



When I first heard about restorative yoga, I thought it was ‘just’ yoga but more relaxing to the body, but as I have discovered it is so much more than that. For me it has been the key to unlocking my wellness.
Having had chronic pain through the whole of my body since 2012, I was looking for ways to manage this other than prescription medication. When I met with Sharon for my first 1:1 session, I have to say I was apprehensive. What if it’s too painful or a position too uncomfortable, were the questions running through my head, (as not everyone understands what having fibromyalgia is like). But sharon was brilliant. Having someone just purely focused on you & your physical comfort is not something that one is necessarily accustomed to when living with a chronic illness, but that is one of the many joys of restorative yoga.

Sharon checks in, as she gentle manoeuvres you into the different restorative poses and gives you permission if at anytime not ok, to just say. These different poses are not only are very relaxing, but soothe, and give me much needed pain relief. To start with the changes in me were subtle, but over time (10mths now), my progress has become really noticeable. I actually feel I’m on the path to not just getting pain relief, but healing my body as well. There is a naturalness to how Sharon teaches that I really like, an intuitive wisdom. She isn’t telling you what to do, but guides you to hear yourself, which gives freedom to your physical body to have a voice, and nurtures any emotions that come up as a result of hearing your pain. My relationship with my body has completely changed. I am calmer, more relaxed & at ease with myself. After each session, it is like a release of trapped energy, so that I come away revitalised and virtually pain free.

Restorative has strengthened me to deal with my illness, release the stress that a flare up can bring, and make me comfortable to be in my skin again. Fibro is a very sensory illness as it affects all the nerves, including the central nervous system. So to have a practice that not only relieves the physical symptoms but the sensory overload as well, is a rarity, but a truth. My own personal belief has always been that we all have an inner healer & by having weekly 1:1 sessions I have finally connected to mine. I wouldn’t be without restorative now, as I absolutely love it!

Client with Fibromyalgia


I had heard great things about Sharon & Restorative Yoga but I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect. At the start Sharon explained to me what would happen & listened tentatively to tailor the experience to my needs. All I can say is – if you ever think you’ve been truly relaxed without this – think again! I have never experienced anything like it, Restorative Yoga takes you to a whole other level of relaxation. It is such a nurturing & comforting experience. It is nothing like the bendy muscle strain I expect from the word ‘Yoga’. Whilst your body is being supported by bolsters & comforted with blankets & mini bead bags in various poses you can’t help but completely let go of all tension & stress & drift into a meditative state. It was a truly wonderful experience – I highly recommend giving it a go, I absolutely can not wait to have another session.

Thank you Sharon. That was a great treatment! Long standing tensions in neck, shoulders, hips melting away into that bolster. Body feeling more relaxed, open and stronger somehow. I Highly recommend this soothing, gentle yet powerful treatment..5 stars!


Really relaxing restorative yoga session with Sharon this afternoon, it felt like having a massage. well worth a 121…



Just had my first session of restorative yoga and think I only have one word…..Wow!……. It was amazing. I feel relaxed but energized, and the pain I had when waking has miraculous disappeared. Plus, my busy mind is so much quieter. I have booked 3 more sessions as I know this is going to go a long way to maintaining wellness and good health. I love finding new things that help me to stay well, and this I absolutely loved. Thanks Sharon ❤️



Amazing session yesterday so relaxing. Just what I needed!



Attended the first Restorative Yoga Workshop with Sharon on Sunday. … What a wonderful experience. Deep relaxation and meditation and tips to use at home for own practice. Thank you.



I had a 1:1 Restorative Yoga session yesterday…that was completely beyond my expectations. I released loads of tension in my shoulders, my lower back and legs, and to top it all off I slept like a dream last night. So, so good! Best treatment for muscle aches and stress release in Portsmouth! Sharon is so attentive and considerate of what the body needs and really tailor made the session to suit me. Excellent!



I have been fortunate enough to have experienced Sharons Restorative Yoga Class and a 1:1 session too. I honestly can’t recommend both of them enough!

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I went along to the class but it was just amazing! It takes relaxation to a whole new level! I liken it to a reset button for the nervous system! All tension had totally left me by the end of the session and I floated off home, uber chilled out (to the point I could barely speak and at such peace afterwards!

The 1:1 Restorative session, which took place in the very tranquil and ambient setting of Sharon’s home, was also total bliss!! Sharon incorporated some reiki and the whole experience just melted away the stress and tension bringing such inner calm and peace to mind, body and soul. Sharon made me feel so nurtured and at ease the whole time. Again I left totally relaxed (forgetting half my stuff I was so in the chill zone a new me!!

Restorative yoga is thee best way to unwind and de-stress, and find your inner zen again I think everyone needs this in their life!

Jo Jo Elizabeth

A wonderful restorative session today, not ideal timing on my behalf, but I had arranged a run after, this session really relaxed me and identified key areas where I was holding my stress….the result….best run in a long time. Many thanks, I look forward to future sessions xx


One week ago, I had my first ever restorative 1:1 session with Sharon. Wasn’t sure what to expect and don’t mind saying, was a little nervous as I had recently done my lower back in.

Those worries faded away as Sharon truly listened to my needs and helped me with several relaxing poses to relieve my aches and pains, keeping my lower back protected at all times. Felt very chilled out after the session yet energised at the same time.

I have been practising the poses every evening before bed and this has led to quality sleep which I wasn’t getting previously.

Thank you so much Sharon



As someone who doesn’t know how to relax I found this workshop particularly useful. I left feeling chilled AF!

Who knew Sharon had such a soothing, calming voice! Can’t wait to put all her top tips to use and practice at home! Thanks Shazza!



Through the use of bolsters and blankets, Sharon created supported postures which enabled me to relax and let go of tension in my body After the session I felt a sense of openness and freedom in my body. Highly recommend, Thanks Sharon.